Meet Haley: Our Amazing Summer Intern The Scobeys

Meet Haley: Our Amazing Summer Intern

June 23, 2017

This Summer we’ve had the AMAZING priviledge of having Haley Blain as an intern. Every Summer we take on an intern, and every Summer we get so sad around the beginning of July because we realize that they won’t be with us forever. Haley is so incredibly talented. She walked in our door with very little experience and she’s learned how to run photo-booths, create albums, manage social media, answer e-mails, second shoot, create websites and work in photoshop (all things that took us years to figure out). Haley has such an amazing eye, but the thing that we love the most about her is her heart. She is kind, selfless, and such an incredibly hard worker. She does everything with a smile and we are beyond blessed to get to have her as a part of the team this summer.

We love you so much Haley!! Thank you for everything!!
Summer Intern Summer Intern Summer Intern Summer Intern Summer Intern

  1. Melanie Davis says:

    I have known Haley all of her life and everything you wrote about her is spot on. What a talented young lady with a heart of gold. We are always proud of our graduates from Central Holmes Christian School. We are all so proud of you Haley. Good luck with this great career.

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