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Feature on Design Aglow

May 21, 2018

A few weeks ago our sweet friends at Design Aglow asked us what advice we would give ourselves if we could go back in time; back to the beginning of this business when it was still a baby. And here is what we said:

Dear Ashley and Graham circa 2008,

Your business will not live and die by social media. You’re going to be tempted to put more time into Facebook and Instagram than you do into in-person relationships because it will feel like that’s what everyone else is doing; it will feel like the only way to keep up. Resist that temptation. Resist the urge to jump on the ever changing hamster wheel of social media. When you get on that hamster wheel it will feel like you’re running as fast as you can and getting nowhere. And that’s exactly where sinking unscheduled, unintentional time into social media will get you: nowhere. Instead of viewing Facebook and Instagram as a popularity contest or a measure of your success, use them as business tools and nothing more. Instead, take all of that time you’re saving and go find your tribe – the real, right-in-front-of-you kind of people who will enrich your life and cheer you on in a meaningful way. This will be a game changer.

You’re doing just fine.

– Ash

Feature on Design Aglow Feature on Design Aglow

A huge thank you to the amazing team at Design Aglow for letting us share some of what we’ve learned. We adore y’all and everything that you put out to support and encourage other small business owners.

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