Intimate backyard wedding ceremony surrounded by lush greenery in Palo Alto, California.

A new and wonderful trend is emerging in the ever-changing landscape of weddings. It’s focused on quality over quantity and gives a sense of magic and intimacy like no other celebrations do. Micro weddings, with their small guest lists and connected settings, have become the perfect choice for couples seeking a truly personal celebration. Last […]

Evergreen Lakehouse Wedding

There is truly something so incredibly magical about snowy Weddings. The air is crisp, the flakes fall magically from the sky, and everything just seems right in the World. This Evergreen Lakehouse Wedding was filled with all of the beauty of the first blush of winter – as well as all of the beauty that […]

Crooked Willow Farms Wedding

Maybe some good paths are straight. Maybe some good paths have visible signs and absolutely no rocks and the way is just… paved and clear. In our experience, though, any view worth getting to requires a bit of a climb. These two have something really, really beautiful. The way they love each other – the way […]

October 12, 2022

Moss Denver Wedding

There are a few elements that make for a perfect Colorado day. The formula looks a little something like this: take an adorable dog, add blue skies, and then throw in some beer. Perfection! These two had it all for their Moss Denver Wedding. Everything came together so beautifully, and it was a gift to […]

Shadow Creek Ranch Wedding

There is a lot of overt beauty on a Wedding Day. You can see it in the dress, the flowers, the portraits, and everyone who worked so hard to make the day possible. There is also a lot of quiet, powerful beauty on a Wedding Day. You can see it in two people committing to […]

Crested Butte Elopement

We regularly get asked about peak leaf-changing season here in Colorado… and the truth is, we can’t always predict it. Peak season is dependent on snowmelt, altitude, sunshine, and a host of other variables that we can’t control. Basically, it’s never a guarantee that we will hit them. That elusive beauty makes it even more […]