A Beautiful Four Seasons Wedding The Scobeys

A Beautiful Four Seasons Wedding

November 30, 2016

Oh goodness, y’all. This Wedding just knocked our socks off. All of the textures and traditions were like bring wrapped in a warm blanket of awesome. It was such a blessing to get to document this Four Seasons Atlanta Wedding. These two are absolutely perfect together, and we loved getting to watch them promise forever.

Our Wedding season is winding down (only one more 2016 Wedding!) and we are feeling so grateful to have been a part of so many beautiful Weddings this year all over the World! Love is such a beautiful thing, and we can’t wait to share our Best of Weddings blogpost first thing in January!!

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Planning and Design: Terry Saxe with Special T Events / Hair and Makeup: Stephen Moleski / Ceremony and Reception Location: Four Seasons Atlanta / Catering and Cake: Four Seasons/ Cinematography: Daneman Video

To see the rest of Nathan and Dina’s images when they become available, sign up here.

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