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There was a moment in their Wedding ceremony where everything stopped. They held space for people to share what love meant to them; what they were thinking at that moment; what they wanted to say to Elizabeth and John. What happened in the middle of that held space was one of the most beautiful things […]

As the seasons start to change and the days shorten, Weddings start to take on a different feel. The energy shifts to a cozy, intimate feel, and it’s something that we find ourselves really ready for by the end of a hot Summer. This Guyton Ranch Wedding was the epitome of that shift – the […]

Listen, folks: when a day starts at a trendy hotel, takes a turn towards the magical Denver Botanical Gardens, and ends with beer-laden cheers at Great Divide Brewing… well, just sign us up for that kind of day any time. This Great Divide Brewing wedding was such a beautiful celebration from beginning to end, and […]

As the days get shorter and the sun starts to dip below the horizon earlier, we notice that Weddings take on a more cozy, intimate feel. Last weekend we headed up to Boulder for this Rembrandt Yard Wedding, and we were struck with how beautifully tight-knit everything felt. Everyone was family. Everyone was close. Everyone […]

There is a certain type of magic that happens when people come together to celebrate love. It usually involves a lot of laughter, hugs and glistening eyes. For these two, it also involved the most perfect August weather you could ever hope for: sunshine and a cool, gentle breeze. Their Wheeler Stallard Museum Wedding was […]

When you combine laughter, mountain tops, sun and the celebration of love you can bet we are the happiest people around. These two were married last weekend in the most beautiful and joyful Grand Hyatt Vail Wedding, and our cheeks hurt from smiling at the end of the day. It was a perfect celebration in […]