Unique Valentines Gifts Ideas

February 9, 2018


We are big fans of celebrating around here, and we are even BIGGER fans of love. So, as you can imagine, we get pretty excited when love and celebrations meet up. Today we are sharing some of our favorite unique valentines gift ideas. Consider scrapping the roses and card this year; celebrate love in a memorable way!!

Movie Pass: Just picture us throwing confetti in honor of this next gift idea. Movie Pass is a $10 a month card that gives you unlimited access to movies that are currently in theaters. We signed up for it as soon as we heard about it, and there are a lot of mid-day showings in our future.

Personalized Shot Glasses: This gift set from Groovy guys is such a fun gift. They are the perfect compliment to a game night or guys weekend! We love the box they come in. Such a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

Sonos Speaker: We love gift ideas that enrich our everyday lives and moments of togetherness. Music is something that makes life better, and Sonos speakers are our favorite way to incorporate music in our everyday. Give that gift to your love boat and they will think of you every-time they listen.

Gin Making Kit: DIY gifts are the actual JAM. They are gifts that someone can not only receive, but experience in a very hands-on way. If you and your significant other have a shared passion for gin (like we do) this kit is the perfect gift!!


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