Pursuit Outer Banks Retreat

March 20, 2017

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You know those experiences you have that truly define you? The ones where there becomes a before that experience and an after that experience? That is what Pursuit Community is for me. I will always remember my first Pursuit event. I will always remember the way the speakers looked into my heart and spoke things out loud that I never knew there were words for. I will always remember what it meant for me, running a business and raising a baby, to have time to myself. Even more than that, though, I will always remember what the relationships meant. The women that I met on that retreat 5 years ago have become my closest friends; my allies and my soul sisters. There is nothing in the world as incredible as edifying community, but you have to be intentional about seeking it out. Community doesn’t happen by accident, and neither does meaningful change.

So friend, if you are tired and weary – if you ache for community and relationships with depth – and if you are ready to take your business to the next level, please join me at the next Pursuit Retreat. This Fall some of the most amazing female creatives on the Planet will gather in the Outer Banks (which, just as an added bonus, is absolutely gorgeous) and share with each other. We will share heart and soul and strategy, and you will leave changed. There will be a before this experience and an after this experience, and I can’t wait to see you there.

We will be speaking about how to create a business that truly supports your dreams; how to craft a business that gives you time and space for the things that really, truly matter. Things like tickle fights, adventure, and dream chasing. It would be such a priviledge to have you there. You can secure your spot here, and have your own before and after.

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