Some days life feels a lot like a Fairy Tale, and never has that been more true than during this gorgeous Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding. Madison grew up loving Fairy Tales – she loved throwing herself into the stories, into the dreams, and into the characters. Those stories became a part of who she is. So, when […]

You know that feeling you get when a laugh comes straight from the bottom of your soul? That feeling of fullness and joy that is so much bigger than you that it can’t be contained… so it spills out of you and touches everyone around? And then all of those people laugh too, like a […]

I remember the first time we shot a Decatur Courthouse Wedding. It is such a gorgeous place – white marble, high ceilings, and arches as far as the eye can see. It quickly became one of our favorite venues. Not just because it’s gorgeous, but because it’s on the small side. We love intimate Weddings, […]

First of all, sometimes I write next year’s date and I just get confused: 2018?! Shouldn’t we all have flying cars and Jetson like hair fixing contraptions by now?? Insane. While we may not have flying cars to look forward to, we do have some AWESOME things happening in 2018. We are so so excited to […]

She had an affinity for The Wizard of Oz growing up. And so, as a surprise, her Dad gifted her a pair of ruby red shoes on the dance floor during their Atlanta Botanical Garden Wedding. They represent a lot of different places that have been called home, but they’ve found their forever in each […]

Is it ok if we admit that shooting in Colorado kind of feels like cheating? Like it’s almost too beautiful… too amazing?? Because honestly that’s what we think. And then add to that scenario the most amazing couples ever and you get things like this Boulder Engagement Shoot. These two moved from Denver to Chicago a […]