You guys, I don’t mean to brag or anything (actually, maybe I do. i probably just lied to you) but we have the most amazing, kind and talented friends on the planet. Seriously. I look at what some of them are doing and I just want to march around the streets holding up a giant […]

Happy Wednesday, y’all. I am so goofed up this week because of school being cancelled yesterday; I keep thinking it’s Monday and my sweet four-year-old keeps correcting me. Does calendar confusion happen to anyone else this time of year? I am so excited to share that one of my very favorite events from last year […]

When we met with these two it was like a giant love fest punctuated by happy squeals and “war-eagle”s. Basically, it was love at first Skype. We just knew that Larkin and Matt were perfect for us. They can’t so much as look at each other without laughing, they are highschool sweethearts, and they didn’t […]

January 6, 2014

This best of video is always the most giant, humbling exercise in gratitude. I sit here over my keyboard and watch these 37 couples, 37 families, 37 first kisses and 37 lives being promised, and I pretty much sob uncontrollably for three straight days. The happiest tears of thankfulness that my little eyes can muster. […]

Dear 2013. You are my frenemy. For real. I have never met such a roller coaster as you. And I am looking forward to the ball drop tonight more than ever before. It is time for you to take a permanent sabbatical… somewhere tropical, hopefully, because what kind of frenemy¬†would I be if I wished […]

I don’t know about you guys, but today I feel like a kid in a candy store. Running around and getting everything ready to host our family for Christmas next week, Evie chattering about elves and reindeer, and looking forward to some downtime – it’s a recipe for a blissful Holiday. We are ending the […]