These two. These two are incredible. A quick story about meeting them: we saw them in a crowd, I was immediately drawn to their connection, and I ran as fast as my little legs would carry me could back to Graham and told him (with ZERO chill) that I was going to shoot their Wedding. […]

Most of the country knows about Colorado’s weather last week. It was bananas. There was a snow cyclone and power outages and it was insanity. Before the storm, though, there was a trip out to the mountains for this Vail Mountain engagement shoot. It snowed exactly the right amount and we got to hang out […]

One of our favorite things in the world is getting to know a place based on its meaning for another person. The landmarks take on more meaning, the stories are more personal, and a place becomes a bit more special when we get to see it through the eyes of someone who loves it. That’s […]

This has been the week of the bomb cyclone. Or bombogenesis. Or biggest snow storm ever. Really you can call it whatever you want. But before the snowpocalypse there was a beautiful boulder engagement shoot with this two love birds. They flew in from Los Angeles and we spent some time hanging out in the […]

You’ve taken the leap and decided to upgrade to a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera. This is a HUGE step. No more blurry, flat iPhone photos. You are moving towards creating really beautiful, crisp images that capture feeling and moments in a way that a phone just can’t. We are throwing confetti in your honor. You […]

Last week we got to spend a snowy afternoon with these two lovebirds doing what they love best: reading The New Yorker and visiting their favorite brewery. Elizabeth and John’s RiNo Engagement Shoot was so much fun. From the photo-booth to the painted murals, we loved getting to visit their neck of the woods. Elizabeth […]