Last weekend we had the pleasure of being a part of this summery Estate Atlanta Wedding. Everything about the day was absolutely stunning, and we are so glad that we got to document Kari and David and their incredible joy. These two look at each other like they’re the only ones in the entire World, […]

There are a lot of things that we really love about our job, but if we had to put a couple of things at the very top of that list Moment Capturing would definitely be one of them. So it makes us smile from ear-to-ear when some of our captured moments get a little pat […]

Last weekend these two beautiful souls committed their lives together in a peaceful, intimate backyard boulder elopement. We’ve come to believe that there is something significant about having long tables in your life. Long tables mean room for everyone. They mean no separation, no seating charts. It means you’re not qualifying your togetherness, you’re just being […]

A few weekends ago we got to be a part of a stunning Vail Wedding. This union was a long time in the making. They had put off their Wedding for months; worrying about logistics and details and all of the stress of planning a Wedding. And then, one day, they decided to do away […]

Let us tell you a story about two people who bought a farm in Redmond, Oregon. They knew that the life they wanted wouldn’t be centered in a big city or in the middle of constant hustle and bustle. So they said no to that and yes to a life that they believed in. Those two […]

I remember a time in this industry when educational messages were built around should’s and can’ts and don’ts. We would go to an event and leave feeling defeated, like our dreams just weren’t big enough to climb over the wall that was in front of us. It was frustrating, and it stuck to the parts […]