In the past 10 days here in Colorado we’ve had hail, snow, sun, rain and storms. It’s been a crazy ride as far as the weather is concerned, and these two held out for the most gorgeous evening. We loved hanging out with them for their Boulder engagement shoot. It’s so fun to watch two […]

People make a lot of promises in this World. To varying degrees and intensities and durations, we are being made promises all the time… and a lot of them look like this: “If you do this, then I will do that.” They have contingencies. They are only good under certain circumstances. They are half hearted […]

When we hung out with these two at their engagement shoot last month there were so many things that stood out (I mean, let’s face it: they’re gorgeous, ridiculously stylish, super smart, and incredibly kind and funny to boot. Couple goals.) but the thing that stood out the most was how they talked about Colorado. […]

We are so excited to be sharing with y’all today about one of the single biggest game changers in our entire business – something that gets put on the back burner and undervalued by soooooo many of us, and something that, given the right amount of attention and care, can become one of your best FREE marketing […]

Today we are going to be answering a question that we get a lot: what is an adventure shoot? We are also going to talk about the difference between an engagement shoot and an adventure shoot. Our couples have two different option for a pre-wedding photo shoot with us. We LOVE these shoots for a few […]

Today is a good day. The sun is shining, the kids are at the zoo (code for the house is quiet) and we are continuing our free marketing series! Today we are going to be talking through our top tips for websites for photographers. As photographers, our business interactions largely take place online. Usually our […]