Y’all, it’s no secret that we have mad, mad love for our couples. So when we get to see our favorite peoples’ Weddings celebrated over and over again we get REALLY happy. But when we get to see their Wedding celebrated over and over again by our favorite publication on the planet (yep, even better […]

Adventure is something that we absolutely love, so when two people want to infuse adventure into their engagement shoot we are all about it. When two people want adventure, snow-shoes, and hiking, we are even MORE stoked. We had so much fun with these two going off the beaten path and exploring beautiful St. Mary’s […]

Today is your Birthday! You’re 33, and we are so thankful for you. We have been celebrating birthdays together for 21 years. For those of you who don’t love math problems: we were twelve when we met. In 21 years, some things haven’t changed: you always dream big enough and hope hard enough for all of […]

I’m not sure if you could hear it from where you’re sitting, but yesterday there was a lot of happy squealing around here. Yesterday the amazing Destination I Do blog ran one of our favorite Weddings from last year. Victor and Sofia’s beautiful Destination Wedding in Sweden was so special to be a part of, and […]

Oh my goodness last weekend was amazing. We flew to Atlanta for some shoots, enjoyed some time with family, and capped it all off with this beautiful Boulder Colorado Engagement Shoot. The wind was doing us all sorts of favors, and these two are so in love it’s gross (in a good way). We loved […]

Goodness gracious we love happy people. And we EXTRA love it when happy people and their beautiful stories intersect with ours’ in a way that allows us to document parts of their story. It’s just an amazing thing. These two had their official “DTR” (thats define the relationship for those of you who don’t know) […]