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May 1, 2017

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First of all, sometimes I write next year’s date and I just get confused: 2018?! Shouldn’t we all have flying cars and Jetson like hair fixing contraptions by now?? Insane. While we may not have flying cars to look forward to, we do have some AWESOME things happening in 2018. We are so so excited to announce that we will be teaching at Click Away next February at beautiful Amelia Island in Georgia. It is going to be AMAZING, and we can’t wait!!

Click Away is a conference for photographers and it offers a TON in the way of hands on learning. Going through the schedule makes us giddy, and we wish we were able to attend every single class! Anything you could ever want to know, from Macro shooting to Lightroom, all in hands-on situations. We love these kinds of classes because people get to walk away with such tangible, measurable growth. Every attendee gets to go to the keynotes, as well as build their own custom SEVEN class schedule. And you guys know how geeky I get about schedules!! It’s going to be amazing.

We are teaching two classes:

  1. Lightoom Shortcuts to Win Your Time Back: Over the past 5 years of educating photographers we’ve heard over and over again what a time-suck culling and editing can be. We don’t want you spending all of your time at your computer (or heck, even 1/4 of your time!). Our editing workflow in Lightroom has become a major time-SAVER for us. Our culling and editing process is lightning fast, and it wins us time back to do what we really love (tickle fights with our kids and hiking up mountains with amazing couples). In this hands-on class we will work through our top Lightroom time savers that win us back hours each week to focus on the things that matter most.
  2. Couples Portraits in Challenging Situations: The beautiful thing about photography is that we get to document real life, and real life is never perfect. In this class, we will discuss ways to thrive creatively and capture beautiful images in the least ideal of circumstances. You can still do your job wonderfully in horrible light or when you’re short on time, you just have to know HOW. We will spend this hands-on class covering the tools that help us to make sure that we can exceed our clients’ expectations even in the most challenging scenarios. After this class you’ll never feel underprepared for a shoot again, and you’ll be able to rock it no matter what!

We can’t wait to see some amazing familiar faces there, and also meet new friends!!

And guys, we know that conferences can be overwhelming, but please please please don’t let that stop you from investing in yourself and in your growth. We will GLADLY walk with you and introvert over coffee with you – we are in this together, and it’s going to be wonderful!!

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