Last weekend we had the chance to hang out with two of the kindest, most fun people on the PLANET. These two are absolutely precious. They toured me around Denver, helped me parallel park, and didn’t make fun of me when I had to lay in the middle of the street to get the perfect […]

In the past 10 days here in Colorado we’ve had hail, snow, sun, rain and storms. It’s been a crazy ride as far as the weather is concerned, and these two held out for the most gorgeous evening. We loved hanging out with them for their Boulder engagement shoot. It’s so fun to watch two […]

Today we are going to be answering a question that we get a lot: what is an adventure shoot? We are also going¬†to talk about the difference between an engagement shoot and an adventure shoot. Our couples have two different option for a pre-wedding photo shoot with us. We LOVE these shoots for a few […]

Is it ok if we admit that shooting in Colorado kind of feels like cheating? Like it’s almost too beautiful… too amazing?? Because honestly that’s what we think. And then add to that scenario the most amazing couples ever and you get things¬†like this Boulder Engagement Shoot. These two moved from Denver to Chicago a […]

You know it’s been a good weekend when you wake up on Monday not quite sure which state you’re in. Last weekend was so much fun; we got to fly to Atlanta to document a BEAUTIFUL Wedding filled with exactly the kind of joy and love that makes us love this job so much… and […]

Last weekend we drove the family 5 hours west for an Ouray Engagement Shoot. More specifically, it was an adventure shoot. Any shoot that requires yak trax, wool socks and a hiking backpack makes us so happy. Not just because we love adventure (because we do), but because the views that you get when you’re […]