If you know anything about us, you know that we are incredibly passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs build businesses that support their dreams. Our business has been an amazing source of freedom for us and it has given us space to live and adventure and chase dreams, and we want that for you. That’s why […]

Happy Monday, friends! There is no shortage of beautiful overlooks here in Colorado, and a couple of weeks ago we got to head up to Lookout Mountain with these lovebirds for their engagement shoot. The sun was absolutely magical and the wind played its part perfectly! We had so much fun with these two and we can’t […]

February 2, 2017

So… it’s February of 2017, but we aren’t QUITE ready to say goodbye to last year – not until we give it a proper send-off with our Best of Weddings slideshow. Last year was AMAZING. I know that we have pretty much said that about each of our 9 years shooting Weddings… but it’s always […]

Earlier this week we got the news that we’ve been given the Editor’s Choice Award from Two Bright Lights for 2017. We are so excited not just for what an honor this is, but for what this award means for our clients: it means that so many of their Weddings have been published and celebrated […]

Soooooo, sometimes people send us emails and they are like “can we go play in the snow and hike in the mountains and call it an engagement shoot”, and we are like YES PLEASE RIGHT NOW THANK YOU. This weekend we got to head to Roxborough State Park for an engagement shoot with two of the […]

There is something special about the New Year. Ringing in the new and saying goodbye to the old gives us a chance to sit with our triumphs and consider changing the things that didn’t work. We get to be nostalgic and yet, at the same time, break free of the past thanks to those twelve […]