She had his ring made of sand from Zuma Beach, taken and forged into a band in England where she grew up. It was a symbol of who they were apart making them into who they are together. Last weekend at their Colorado Springs Wedding, she put that ring on his hand and they vowed to […]

There is a moment in every Wedding Day that we take and tuck away in our hearts forever. It’s fleeting, but so incredibly meaningful. The moment that we love is when our couple sees each other for the first time on the day of their Wedding. Everyone reacts so differently, and it always reminds us […]

He held a glass of champagne in one hand, and the hand of his new Bride in the other. They both watched, eyes glassy with joyful tears and mouths fixed in mile-wide smiles, as their families toasted who they were apart and who they are together. Because it’s both of these things; the togetherness and […]

August 9, 2018

She spent her life being as solid as a rock. Dependable, independent, always there for others and unmoving. She had it all figured out. Then she met Kevin, and she was unalterably moved. Moved to let herself feel as beautiful as everyone had always told her she was. Moved to consider a life, unplanned. Moved […]

We absolutely love it when people choose quality over quantity and intimacy over the big. Earlier this week Wandering Weddings shared the top reasons they love elopements. One of our favorite intimate Weddings is on their list, and we couldn’t agree more than the snow-capped mountains in Vail are an AMAZING reason to consider eloping. […]

They stood arm in arm as her Bridesmaids fixed her dress. She was looking up at him with a knowing smile, and he was holding her in a way that made sure she could lean on him. And those are the moments that forever is made up of. It’s the little things that you do […]