Is it ok if we admit that shooting in Colorado kind of feels like cheating? Like it’s almost too beautiful… too amazing?? Because honestly that’s what we think. And then add to that scenario the most amazing couples ever and you get things¬†like this Boulder Engagement Shoot. These two moved from Denver to Chicago a […]

We’ve been keeping a secret that we can FINALLY share!! We are so excited to be a part of Two Bright Lights’ Grow Your Brand Online Conference. This is going to be amazing! It’s a completely free online conference (code for please wear your pajamas and retainer!) two evenings jam packed with tips on how […]

Blogging has changed a LOT in the past 9 years. When we first started shooting Weddings and building our business it was a non-negotiable to have a blog. Blogs were the JAM. Everyone was blogging, and I also had a blogroll about a mile long that I was reading daily (anyone remember those?!). Now… it’s […]

There is something so special about the first Wedding of the year. It’s like this official kick off the new season, and it’s always filled with so much excitement. So getting to kick off the new season with two AMAZING people at this beautiful The Estate Atlanta Wedding was just perfection. Brittany and Brian were […]

You know it’s been a good weekend when you wake up on Monday not quite sure which state you’re in. Last weekend was so much fun; we got to fly to Atlanta to document a BEAUTIFUL Wedding filled with exactly the kind of joy and love that makes us love this job so much… and […]

Do you ever feel like you spend your down season just spinning your wheels? Does your marketing strategy look like throwing spaghetti¬†at a wall to see what sticks (and nothing EVER sticks)? What if we told you that it’s possible to spend less time on marketing and get much better results? What if we told […]