Last week we had the pleasure of hanging out with these two for their Denver Engagement Shoot. They showed us around some of their favorite parts of town and we had so much fun with them! Theresa and Joe – You two are so awesome! Thank you for hanging out with us! We are counting down […]

We absolutely love it when a couple invites us to get to know a place that has a special spot in their story. These two lovebirds had us out to Seattle last week for their engagement shoot and we had such an awesome time exploring some of their favorite parts of town. It was such […]

Well our Monday just got a lot better. We just got an e-mail from the iconic Martha Stewart Weddings letting us know that one of our images was featured on their blog today. Epic Wedding photos are some of our favorite things to collaborate with our couples on, so we are especially stoked to have […]

It was just as her Dad turned to tuck her hand gently in the crook of his arm; that’s when the emotions started to come out. She looked up at him and smiled; just so that he knew she would always be his little girl. And they waited. They waited for their turn to walk, arm […]

Sometimes a story seems like a pretty straight line, and sometimes a story has some twists and turns. Kerrie and Dave’s story is one of the twisty turn-y ones. Some of those turns would have them meet the love of their life while living abroad. Some of those turns would then have them find out […]

It’s in the way he looks at her all the time. When he turned around during their first look, as she walked down the aisle, and as they danced the night away surrounded by all the love in the World. He looks at her as though she is the only thing he sees. As though she […]