I remember the first time we met Britain. Our business was barely two years old, and we had signed up to be a part of a Wedding Library in Atlanta. We were visiting for the first time when we heard the most adorable, southern voice imaginable behind us and turned to meet her. Little did […]

Homes have a way of weaving themselves into the identity of our stories. Memories are made there, relationships unfold, and people grow in homes. But when home is built with your own hands; with your own time and sweat and tears, it holds a different place in your heart.  From the ground up – that’s […]

In a World where everyone is racing to be bigger, faster, louder, seen, heard and recognized, we are becoming increasingly convinced of the incredible beauty that lies in being small. Amy and Ian’s incredible summer Mt. Crested Butte Wedding celebrated all of the things that we have come to hold so important: intimacy, togetherness, nature, […]

Her smile ran through him like a cool breeze in the hot desert sun. The kind of breeze that makes you feel brand new again; no matter what else is going on in life. Her smile always had a way of bringing him back to what was important – and that’s how he knew that […]

“Sometimes” he said, “Marriage is less about things being 50/50 and more about one person being able to hold up the ceiling for the other when their arms get tired.” And as her Grandfather spoke you could tell that these words were coming from experience; from taking turns holding up the ceiling in his own […]

Water is symbolic for a lot of people. It reminds people of the ebb and flow of the everyday. But for these two, water is so much more than a symbol; it’s a way of life. The water is where they find themselves most at home, and it provides a special kind of peace. It […]